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Why RichFeel Hair Forever Hair Systems?


Exceptional Comfort
& Style

Soft on Skin. Breathable. Undetectable.
Styled & Customised to suit you.


Superior Base Quality.
100% Human Hair.

Skin Friendly. HD Base - the thinnest available. Feather Light. Long Lasting. Tangle-free hair.


Customised Just
For You

Personalised Systems fit & styled on you by Expert Hair Stylists.


Hair doctors for
Hair Systems

Who knows hair better than our Hair Doctors? Scientific approach to Hair & Scalp analysis. Hair Systems personalised to your condition & needs.

RichFeel Hair Forever Hair Systems - Begin a New Story with New Hair

Revolutionary Hair Systems. Exceptional Comfort. World Class Expertise.
A head full of Hair that is natural & stylish, tailored to perfection, just for you.

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Highlights of Hair Forever Hair Systems

  • Exceptional Comfort - Our bases offer exceptional comfort to the wearer. They are skin-friendly & porous in nature allowing the scalp to breathe easy.
  • Wide choice of bases - RichFeel offers a wide range of bases to choose from. Our Hair doctor will assess the hair & scalp condition, understand your lifestyle and needs, and prescribe the right hair system. This is further customised by our expert Hair stylists, to fit you perfectly.
  • Natural Look & Feel - Made of 100% Human Hair, our hair systems look & feel absolutely Natural. The hair does not tangle. They are easy to style & tailored for natural look. It is almost undetectable! The systems are feather light, making one forget that they are even wearing one!
  • Quality of accessories - A variety of high quality attachments and accessories are provided to ensure easy, secure and comfortable wearability.
  • Hair doctors for Hair Systems - With unparalleled expertise in Trichology, our Hair doctors are the right people to understand YOUR needs & lifestyle to help you make the right choice of systems.
  • Intensely trained Hair Stylists - Our Hair Stylists ensure that the systems are customised to the look of your choice, and that it is tailor-fit to your head. They assist with regular maintenance & styling too!
  • Customised Systems - Our revolutionary hair systems are tailor-made specifically for each our of our patients, expertly styled to suit one’s face and lifestyle. Time to discard your mass-produced, bought-off-the-shelf wigs and toupees!

Begin a New Story with New Hair.

Live Life On Your Own Terms!

Client Testimonials


Mukul Mishra, Mumbai

"When I applied for work as a Customer Service Executive with an MNC, I was elated, says Mukul Mishra, 25. I was always a people person and I thought that this job would be a cakewalk for me. But my hopes were dashed to the ground when my recruitment officer pointed out that they needed a 'young' looking candidate for the job. According to them, I looked at least 6-7 years older than my actual age. And the culprit for this was my balding hair. Perhaps it was a curse of my genetics or something else, but the problem had to be addressed immediately, otherwise I would get the same response at each and every interview I would go to in the future. Obviously, the first response was to turn to over the counter hair oils and lotions. After this, I also took medicines which were suggested to me by some doctors. But nothing seemed to help me and as a last resort, I went to Richfeel Trichology Center after seeing their ad in the newspapers. When I went there, I expected them to suggest something like a hair transplant but I was pleasantly surprised to know that in my case, a simple non-surgical hair system would be more than enough to bring back my youthful looks."

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